iCal Dupe Deleter

Remove duplicate events from iCal calendars

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iCal Dupe Deleter is a straight-forward application to aid the removal of duplicate events and todos in iCal under OSX Leopard and later.

iCal Dupe Deleter is donationware. If you find this useful I'd appreciate a donation. You can either donate from this website or through the application.

Download iCal Dupe Deleter
Version 1.2.3
(5 Sep 2011)
997Kb Intel

System Requirements

To run iCal Dupe Deleter you will need an Apple Mac running OSX 10.6 or later and iCal.

Version changes

1.2.3 Fixed OSX 10.6 file copy bug.
1.2.2 Fixed empty calendar list in Lion bug. Added menu item to open caches folder.
1.2.1 Open progress indicator before starting initial backup.
1.2 Copies of the iCal backup before and after deletion are stored in '~/Library/Caches/iCal Dupe Deleter/'.
1.1 Deletion process changed to be faster. Version 1.1 only supports OSX 10.5.
1.0 Initial release.

Legacy (unsupported) Versions

As of OSX 10.7 I am no longer supporting running iCal Dupe Deleter on OSX 10.5. However you can download the latest PPC version which runs on OSX 10.5 Leopard for both PPC and Intel.

Although I believe iCal Dupe Deleter v1.2 is far superior, you can also download the original version which also runs on OSX 10.4 Tiger.