Dates to iCal for Mountain Lion

I have just released Dates to iCal 2.3.1.

This release fixes a consistent bug where Dates to iCal crashes under OSX 10.8 and I suggest users should update to this version before installing Mountain Lion.


Hi John,

In Mountain Lion, when updating to the latest version of Dates 2 iCal, and letting it run its course, I get some strange results. First, my log is spammed with these messages:

07.08.12 12:13:16,566 CalendarAgent[305]: Property list invalid for format: 100 (property lists cannot contain objects of type 'CFSet')

followed by these:

07.08.12 12:11:38,429 iCalExternalSync[6940]: CoreData: warning: An NSManagedObjectContext delegate overrode fault handling behavior to silently delete the object with ID '0x7fb9ac0cd540 ' and substitute nil/0 for all property values instead of throwing.

I also got a few error messages from Calendar saying that there was an error saving the database ( After starting over with a clean calendar I did not get more of these, but the two messages above continue to spam my console when D2i runs.

Any suggestions?

Hi Egil,
I have had this reported from other users. See . I'm looking into this currently, but do not yet have anything to release.
John M

I really want all my nieces and nephews birthdays to come up in my ical. I have downloaded the program dates to ical but have not launched it yet because I saw this issue. PLease can you tell me when I can count on it being a completley stable app. Is this my only option this app? It has not asked me for payment but I understand that it is supposed to cost £5 or thereabouts. When will I be expected to pay? PP

This version ( 2.3.1 ) is stable on Mountain Lion.