Dates to iCal now updated for Lion

I have just uploaded Dates to iCal 2.2.5. This update makes Dates to iCal OSX Lion compatible and I recommend all users update to this version before installing Lion.

For those who have Dates to iCal installed and have already updated to Lion, I suggest you do the following:

1. Replace your previous version of Dates to iCal with version 2.2.5.
2. Open iCal and delete the calendars associated with Dates to iCal.
3. Quit and re-open iCal.
4. Make new calendars to contain the Dates to iCal events.


Lion and Dates to iCal 2.2.4

Currently Dates to iCal 2 (as of version 2.2.4) is not compatible with OSX 10.7.

I am working on an update and expect to release it in the next few days.



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